Moka Pot

While not “espresso” in the traditional sense of the word, Moka Pot preparation is a very common method of espresso like coffee preparation in Italy.  This method uses steam pressure to extract the coffee. and major benefits of this method are that it’s very inexpensive and almost bullet-proof.

All you do is fill the bottom with water, add the ground coffee and put it on the heat.  When it starts to gurgle, shut the heat off, and wait for the gurgling to stop.

You also don’t have to be exact with your grind (although fresh ground beans is still always best).   But, the coffee comes out very espresso like.  It’s thick and rich.

This particular pot design by Bialetti is so iconic, that it is in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

The brew of a Moka plus steamed milk in a 50/50 mix is the Cafe Latte I remember from my time in Italy.


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