Coffee Grinder

Getting a good coffee grinder is a key step in improving your home made coffee.  Any web site you go to for coffee information will tell you to get a burr grinder.  What this means is that the coffee is literally “ground up” rather than sliced/chopped by blades spinning at high speed. Those spinning blades heat up. Heat is bad for the coffee at this stage.

Burr grinders produce less heat and a more uniform grind.  And in espresso, grind uniformity is paramount. So, this being such a critical step in making good espresso, you can expect the cost of the equipment to be commensurate for a good machine. Just do a search and you will find a dizzying variety of burr grinders.  There’s hand cranks, doser, and doserless models, and costs ranging from $40 to nearly $1000.  But, do you really need a $1000 coffee grinder?  Well, if you are the type of person that doesn’t read reviews, perhaps.  On the other hand, if you do, you will come the the same conclusion that I and many others have, and find that you can spend about $300 for a high quality machine.

I personally chose the Baratza Preciso Coffee Grinder 685 after reading a ton on the subject.  You can read my short review here.  My main influences were reviews from people that ran coffee shops, and the constant theme of the Baratza customer service quality.

And while your at it, pick up a tamper.  You just ground up the coffee really nicely.  Pack it into the portafilter nicely now too.

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