Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

After initially going really low tech for my temporary housing and purchasing the Hario Skerton hand grinder, I finally decided that it wasn’t o.k. to spend 5 minutes grinding a single dose of coffee.  So, I had to look for a cost effective powered grinder.  After many hours of reading reviews, I settled on the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder.

A critical component of this decision was cost and size.  At home I have a Baratza Preciso that I love, but as much as I love to make a good cup, I had a tight budget to work with.  So, at $100, this was the top of the budget and it turns out it’s really quite small, which was perfect.

My first instinct was that even though it’s a burr grinder, the finest setting, which they claim will work for Turkish wouldn’t be fine enough.  I was dead wrong.  The grind at the finest setting is like talcum powder, and it totally choked the ROK.  I eventually dialed it up to the “break” area in between “fine” and “extra fine” settings.  The grind consistency is surprisingly good and adjustment is simple.

The total capacity of the grinder is small though.  But, again, this was a budget buy, so I can’t really call that a fault.  But, if you are looking for something that can grind a lot of beans in one shot, this isn’t the grinder for you.   My lone complaint about the hopper is the cover and hopper are completely clear…like so clear you can’t tell if the cover is on.  I’ve, more than once, tried to pour beans into the hopper only to have to bounce off the lid and fall all over the place.

The hopper holds about 6 ounces.  But, the grinds chamber only holds 4 oz.   I’m grinding for espresso shots, so that’s plenty.  But, I found that I don’t even need it.  The outlet for the grinds is actually over the top of the chamber, not at the back like most grinders.  So, it’s super easy to just stick the portafilter right into the open area, and grind away.

The grind time is controlled by a rotary timer.  It would be nice if there was was a push button to hold, but there isn’t.  You can sort of get this effect if you turn the dial almost to 1.  It will not engage the timer, but it will turn on.  I have found that dosing the portafilter for the ROK is simple.  Turning the dial to 2.5 gives me a perfect dose, and the mess is minimal thanks to the placement of the grinds outlet.

So, if you are on a budget, I can give the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder a thumbs up.


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