Home Roasting

The best coffee is fresh coffee.  If you are lucky enough to have high quality specialty roasters near you, then you already know that fresh coffee can be a religious experience.  But, roasting your own coffee?  Isn’t that something only serious coffee professionals can do?

Is home roasting really feasible?  There are a number of reasons why you would home roast your own coffee.

  • It’s freaking fun!  Roasting coffee smells totally awesome, and the experience of actually making something delicious is plain old fun.
  • It’s cheap!  You can buy a pound of green beans for about $6.  Specialty roasted coffee is usually between $12 and $20 for 12oz.  Depending on the roaster you select, you can make your money back with only a few batches.
  • It’s good!  Have you ever wanted to know if fresh roasted coffee really needs to rest?  Well, why not do some experiments?  Some, delicious experiments…in the name of science of course.

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